Yesterday we took Griffin to the Doctor, and he was told he has a throat and sinus infection, and that he should stay in bed for 2 to 3 days.  Unfortunately, our trip to Bardas Blancas to work on our water purification project should be delayed until he is feeling better, but the good news is that this delay will give us time to improve and refine our design.  When we tested the water for sulfur content, there was about 10x more sulfide in it than we had expected, so we may not be able to purify the water as much as we had originally hoped.

After taking Griffin to the doctor, we walked around town and talked to people in electronic and hardware stores (who were all very polite and helpful) so that we will know where we can find some of the more unique supplies we will need.

Today we gathered information about water testing, and we should be able to send out samples of the well water and some treated water tomorrow to assess whether or not our original design for the water purifier is sufficient.

Later this evening, we will be meeting with our contact, Susana, so that she can show us some of the specific supplies she recommended, and so that she can help us to purchase some of the supplies we need.